Candle Tips & Tricks

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Candle Tips & Tricks

Getting the very best from your candle:

The first few times you light your candle...

As your soy candle burns, it develops a little pool of melted wax - it's important to allow this melt pool to extend out to the edge of the jar as this sets the 'memory' for the candle and will ensure an even burn.

For good burning performance, keep the wick trimmed to 5-6mm.

Extinguishing the flame...

Don't blow out your candle, this causes the wick to smoke and ruins the scent the candle has just released. The best option is to dip the wick in the melted pool of wax (or use a snuffer!). I use the end of a teaspoon to push the wick under the surface (this puts the flame out without smoking and prepares the wick for the next lighting by coating it in wax). Then stand the wick back up and trim if necessary so you're all ready for next time!


Trim the wick to 0.6cm before burning - this helps prevent the wick from smoking.

When lighting your candle, try to keep it burning for 2-3 hours (but never more than 4). This keeps your candle burn even and gives the best fragrance throw!

Keep your candle out of direct sunlight to prevent natural discolouration of the wax.

When finished with your candle don't throw it out! Rinse it with hot water, wipe the inside clean and re-use for whatever you fancy - make up brushes, jewellery, succulents etc - or send it back my way for a refill!


To prevent any dangers, help your candle last and to keep your candle looking good just follow these simple steps!

  • Always burn the candle within sight and on a level surface
  • Keep away from drafts and the reach of children and/or pets
  • Never light a candle near anything that could possibly catch fire

All candles are made with fresh soy wax containing NO GMO material, NO paraffin and NO unnatural additives. All products are eco-friendly with no nasties!